Hey there,
This is Raji. Welcome to my site “Talimpu | True Taste begins…

I love cooking. Its as simple as that. That is how Talimpu.com is born.

I like simple, easy and fast recipes. Simple without too many ingredients or complex flavors.
Easy without any complicated methods or procedures. Fast without consuming too much time.
Most of my recipes are Indian in essence with a touch of other favorites.

I get inspired from books, telivision shows and from fellow food bloggers.
And there are always relatives and friends to take you to the next level.

I post a recipe everyday at talimpu. well almost everyday. Everybody needs a sunday. Don’t you think?

“TALIMPU” is a telugu (south Indian Language) term.
Also called tadka in hindi, tiragamota / tiragamata in telugu, tempering in english.

This is how to do the basic talimpu/tadka–>

heat 1tsp of oil. Add mustard seeds and when they start spluttering add urad dal( skinned split black lentils) and cumin seeds. Variations of this by adding broken red chillies, curry leaves, asafoetida, tamarind, yellow split lentils …

They say talimpu gives all the heavenly taste to the food apart from salt. So talimpu spices are a must have.


Dont take the amount i give for each ingredient seriously.

Ex: If i say 1 inch tamarind ball……its because my tamarind might be old and so not that sour. Make sure to adjust the seasonings before finishing cooking a recipe.

Taste yours and use accordingly. The same goes with chilli powder or other seasonings.

I generally write the recipe for 2-4 people. Calculate the amount to suit your needs.

Note: All the pictures are shot by me and exclusively for this site. You need my permission before using them in any manner.

PS: The site is under serious construction. So you will find constant changes and bugs.

Important Note:

Copyright Information:

All the information including images and text is copyrighted.

You cannot use any material for commercial purposes.

If you need to reproduce, distribute, publish or do any sort of thing with my content. You need to ask for my written permission and you can do that through the guest page or the contact page or gmail me at anusharaji.


If you were looking for a particular recipe. Give it a search in the search bar located in the top or the bottom of the page. Or you can always search at the recipes page.
If you were looking for a recipe on particular ingredient. Go to browse page and select from the many tags and the categories.

At the end of the day, these are my recipes. This is how i do it everyday.
You add or subtract the ingredients.
Manipulate however you think suits you.
That is the whole point of this website anyway.

Drop a line in guest page or in the contact page or gmail me at anusharaji or talimpu.

I hope you like talimpu as much as i do.

Thank you so much taking time to visit talimpu.com
Keep visiting talimpu

and let the true taste begin,



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