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Cabbage Wrap

23 Nov

Cabbage Wrap.

Cabbage is shredded and cooked with onion and spices till soft with light crunch. Wheat flour in made into dough and the dough is rolled into roti. The roti is cooked on direct flame and is finally wrapped with the cabbage and the raita. Serve cabbage wrap immediately.
Makes: around 2 Cabbage Wraps.


Wheat Flour 1/2 Cup
Cabbage 1/2 of Small Head
Raw Mango Raita 8 Tbsps
Onion 1 Small
Green Chiles 2
Ginger 1/2 inch Piece
Salt to taste
Cilantro few Sprigs


Mustard Seeds 1/4 tsp
Cumin Seeds 1/4 tsp
Urad Dal 1/4 tsp
Curry Leaves 5
Oil 1 tbsp

Method of preparation:

Remove outer leaves and shred the cabbage.
Peel and thinly slice the onion.
Peel and mince the ginger.
Remove stems, wash and finely chop the green chiles.
Wash and separate the cilantro leaves from thick stems.

Heat oil in a pan, add all talimpu ingredients in order.
When mustard seeds start spluttering, add green chiles and ginger.
Fry briefly, stir in onion and cabbage.
Fry till cabbage turns soft and starts to brown around the edges.
Stir in salt and remove from heat.

Knead wheat flour and a pinch of salt into tight soft dough using enough water.
Divide the dough into two portions.
Roll each portion into thin 8 – 9 inch disk with help of a rolling pin.

Heat a flat pan on medium heat, place the rolled out wheat roti on the pan.
Let the small bubbles appear on the roti, turn on other side and leave for few seconds.
Then place the roti on direct flame and turn frequently to let the roti cook.
When brown spots appear on the roti, remove from the flame.
Repeat the same with remaining portion.

Spread 4 – 5 tbsps of the mango raita on the roti.
Place a handful of cabbage mixture in the middle of the roti.
Place two tomato slices and few cilantro leaves and sprinkle a pinch of salt.
Wrap the roti and serve cabbage wrap immediately.
Notes: Make sure raita is thick but be able to spread on the roti.

Suggestions: Make sure not to overcook the cabbage. Season the tomatoes with black pepper powder for extra spice.
Variations: Use your favorite raita in place of the mango raita.
Other Names: Cabbage Wrap.