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Bottle Gourd

2 Apr

bottle gourd is anapakaya.

Bitter Gourd

2 Apr

Bitter Gourd is very bitter.


2 Apr

cassava = casava = manioc = mandioca = tapioca root = yucca = yucca root = yuca root = Brazilian arrowroot Pronunciation: kuh-SAH-vuh Notes: People in Hispanic countries use cassavas much like Americans use potatoes. There’s both a sweet and a bitter variety of cassava. The sweet one can be eaten raw, but the bitter one requires cooking to destroy the harmful prussic acid it contains. It’s often best to buy frozen cassava, since the fresh kind is hard to peel. Look for it in Hispanic markets. It doesn’t store well, so use it within a day or two of purchase. Substitutes: malanga OR dasheen OR potato (not as gluey)



2 Apr

Beets have a distinctive earthy flavor that’s enhanced by roasting, but they can also be steamed, microwaved, or boiled.