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Sabudana Dosa

16 Apr

Saggubiyyam Dosa.

Dosa can be prepared with saggu biyyam / sabudana / pearl sago. Sabudana is soaked in yogurt for couple of hours before it is mixed with rice flour to form a dosa batter. The batter is then poured onto hot pan for the sabudana dosa. Sabudana dosa is immediately served with pickle or chutney.
Makes: around 5 Sabudana Dosa.


Sabudana / Sago 1/2 Cup
Yogurt 1 1/4 Cups
Rice Flour 3 tbsps
Green Chiles 5 – 8
Cumin Seeds 1/2 tsp
Cilantro few Sprigs
Salt to taste

Method of preparation:

Remove stems, wash and finely chop the green chiles.
Wash and finely chop the cilantro.

Refresh sabudana in fresh water.
Soak sabudana in yogurt for 4 – 6 hours.
Add water to the soaked sabudana if necessary.

In a mixing bowl, add soaked sabudana, rice flour, green chiles, cumin seeds, cilantro and salt.
Add enough water (around 1 1/4 cups) and make it into a somewhat thick batter.

Heat a flat pan on medium high heat, apply quarter tsp of oil with back of a spoon.
When pan gets hot, pour a big ladle full of sabudana dosa batter on to the pan in one go.
Make sure batter is thin enough that it spreads by itself into around 6 inch diameter dosa.

Fry till bottom side starts to turn light golden brown.
Pour 1/8th tsp of oil on saggubiyyam dosa and turn on other side.
Reduce the heat to medium and cook on this side for a minute before removing from heat.
Repeat the same with remaining sabudana dosa batter.
Serve sabudana dosa immediately with any chutney of your choice.
Notes: Make sure to soak the sabudana well.

Suggestions: If the dosa is too soft and sticks to itself, put it on the flat pan and cook on low heat for couple of minutes to crisp it up. Or add more rice flour to the batter to crisp up the dosa.
Variations: You can also soak sabudana for longer time period and grind the soaked sabudana into fine paste before adding the rice flour.
Other Names: Saggubiyyam Dosa, Sabudana Dosa.

Sabudana Khichdi

7 Apr

Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi is a Maharashtrian dish made of sago / saggu biyyam. In sabudana khichdi, sago is soaked for few hours and dried till the pearls are seperate. They are then briefly cooked along with potato and roasted peanuts after being tempered. Sabudana khichdi is most enjoyed as a breakfast or as a snack and is suitable as a fasting dish. Sabudana Khichdi should be soft and fluffy.
Makes: 2 servings


Sago 1 cup
Potato 1 small
Raw Peanuts 1/4 cup
Green Chile 3
Cumin Seeds 1 tsp
Lemon 1
Salt to taste
Oil / Ghee 1 tsp
Curry Leaves 5
Cilantro few sprigs

Method of preparation:

Wash sabudana under water for few times and soak them in water for around an hour.
Drain the water and carefully spread the soaked sago on a kitchen towel and leave it for few hours till the sago pearls are moist and separate and don’t stick to each other.

Remove stems, wash and chop green chiles.
Clean, wash and finely chop cilantro leaves.
Peel, wash and chop potato into small cubes and soak them in water.

Roast peanuts on medium – low flame until they change color.
Cool and coarsely grind the roasted peanuts with the help of a pestle.

Heat oil in a pan, add cumin seeds, curry leaves and green chiles.
When cumin seeds starts to change color, add chopped potato and salt.
Cook covered on medium flame until potato turns soft but not mushy.
Uncover, stir in sago pearls, crushed peanuts and sufficient salt.
Mix carefully and cook for 3 – 5 minutes until sago pearls change color.
Squeeze half a lemon on hot sabudana khichdi and garnish with chopped cilantro.
Serve sabudana khichdi with butter milk.
Notes: Make sure to dry the sabudana after soaking to avoid getting mashed up in the khichdi.

Suggestions: Sabudana khichdi is little grainy – soak sago for longer next time.
Sabudana khichdi is mushy – reduce the soaking time and increase the drying time.
Variations: Sabudana khichdi is quite simple but varies in the ingredients that go into it. Some like to add little bit of scraped coconut and red chile powder at end. Some use black salt completely during fasting. Some like to add mustard, asafoetida to the tempering.
Other Names: Usal, sago khichdi, saggu biyyam upma, sabudana kichidi.

Sago with Yogurt

8 Nov

Saggu Biyyam Jaava


Pearl Sago 1 cup
Plain Water 5 cups
Plain Yogurt 1 cup
Salt to taste

Method of preparation:

In a pot, add water and sago.
Boil the whole mixture for around 20 minutes or until the sago is completely transparent.
Cool the cooked sago completely.
Stir in yogurt, add sufficient salt and serve.

Notes: This dish is normally taken on hot summer days.

Sago in Milk

30 Oct

Saggu Biyyam Paramannam


Milk 2 cups
Sago / Sabudana 1/2 cup
Sugar 3/4 cup
Cashews 4
Raisins 4
Ghee 1 tbsp

Method of preparation:

Heat ghee in a pan, add cashews and raisins.
Fry until cashews turn golden brown and remove onto a bowl.

Bring milk to boil, add sago and cook by stirring frequently until the sago pearls turn transparent.
Remove from heat, add sugar and Stir thoroughly.
Garnish with fried cashews and raisins.
Serve hot or cold.

Notes: Make sure to add more milk according to the size of the sago pearls.

Sabudana Alu Fritters

14 Aug

Saggu Biyyam Bangala Dumpa Vadalu


Sabudana 1 cup
Gram Flour / Besan 2 tbsps
Poha 2 tbsps
Potatoes 2 small
Green Chiles 1 – 2
Ginger Garlic Paste 1/2 tsp
Red Chile Powder 1 tsp
Turmeric Powder a big pinch
Coriander Powder 1 tbsp
Salt to taste

Method of preparation:

Soak sabudana in water for 2 hours.
Soak poha in water for few minutes.
Halve the potatoes and boil in salted water until soft.
Peel and lightly mash the potatoes.
Remove stems, wash and lightly mash green chiles.

In a mixing bowl, mix soaked sabudana, soaked poha, mashed potatoes, green chile, ginger garlic paste, turmeric, red chile powder,
coriander powder and salt together into tight mixture.
Take lemon sized balls out of the above mixture and flatten it on the palm.
Repeat until all the mixture is finished.

Heat oil in a deep frying pan on medium heat.
Slowly drop the sabudana discs into hot oil and fry until golden brown on both sides.
Remove onto an absorbent towel and serve hot.

Notes: Sprinkle chaat masala on top of the fritters if you wish.