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Tindora in Lemon Juice

22 May

Oora Vesina Dondakayalu.

Tendli can be pickled just like carrots and green chiles. Tindora is cut into strips and soaked in lemon juice till they mature and turn acidic. Green chiles can also be added in the same jar for heat. Pickled tendli are generally eaten with rice mixed with some sort of dal / dhal or with yogurt rice.
Makes: around 1 1/2 Cups of Tendli in Lemon Juice.


Tindora 10
Fresh Lemon Juice 1/2 Cup
Green Chiles 3 – 5
Salt 1 tsp app. or as required

Method of preparation:

Peel, remove little bit of both ends, wash and pat dry the tindora.
Chop the tindora vertically twice.
Remove stems, wash and pat dry the green chiles.
Slit the green chiles and keep aside.

In a non reactive jar, add lemon juice and salt.
Stir to dissolve the salt.
Then add sliced tindora and green chiles.
Leave the tindora to mature for good 6 – 8 hours.
The tindora lose their green color just like green chiles do.
Serve pickled tindora with dal rice or with yogurt rice.
Notes: Make sure not to add too much salt.

Suggestions: If there is too much salt in the jar, stir in more lemon juice. Make sure to choose tender green chiles for milder spice level.
Variations: You can also pickle the mango ginger and carrots in similar way.
Other Names: Tindora in Lemon Juice, Pickled Tindora, Oora Vesina Dondakayalu.

Quick Lemon Juice Pickle

24 Apr


Lemon pickles are quite famous all over India. Lemons generally need to be treated with turmeric powder and salt for few days to make a pickle. In this recipe, lemon juice is used instead of the lemon skin. Although the skin can be finely chopped and added to the pickle (which needs atleast 2 days of mature time).  Here, lemon juice is mixed with red chilli powder and salt. It is then tempered with hot oil and spices. This lemon pickle is instant and generally made in small batches or when ever necessary.
Makes: 4 – 6 Servings


Lemon 1
Red Chile Powder 1 tbsp
Salt to taste


Urad Dal 1/2 tsp
Cumin Seeds 1/2 tsp
Mustard Seeds 1/2 tsp
Broken Red Chiles 3
Curry Leaves 6 (optional)
Oil 1 tsp

Method of preparation:

Squeeze the juice out of lemon (around 2 tbsps) onto a ceramic or glass bowl.
Mix red chile powder and salt to the freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Heat oil in a pan, add all talimpu ingredients in order.
When urad dal changes color, remove from heat and immediately add to above lemon juice bowl.
Serve with dal rice or rasam rice or with plain idly or dosa etc…
Notes: Make sure to adjust the thickness of the pickle by adding more or less lemon juice.

Suggestions: Pickle is too runny – Add more red chile powder to the pickle.
Variations: Simple Lemon Pickle, Preserved Lemon Pickle.
Other Names: Talimpu Pettina Nimmakaya Karam, Telika Nimma Karam, Quick Nimboo Pickle.

Dabbakaya Pickle

15 Jan

Dabbakaya Ooragaya


Dabbakaya 2
Salt 125 gms
Roasted Fenugreek Powder 1/2 tsp
Turmeric Powder 1 tsp
Red Chile Powder 2 tsps
Mustard Seeds 1/2 tsp
Asafoetida a big pinch
Oil 1 tbsp

Method of preparation:

Wash and pat dry dabbakayalu.
Once completely dried, squeeze the juice out of one dabbakaya into a mixing bowl.
Cut the other dabbakaya into big chunks.
Add the chunks, turmeric powder and salt into the mixing bowl containing juice and mix thoroughly.
Place all the mixed ingredients into a clean dry jar, cover and store.
On third day, place the jar under direct sunlight for 3 days stirring at the beginning of each day.
This pickle stays for years if taken pickling precautions.

When ready to serve, take 3 tbsps of matured dabbakaya pickle and red chile powder into a small bowl.
Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds and asafoetida.
When mustard seeds start spluttering, remove from heat and add to pickle bowl.
Mix thoroughly and serve.

Notes: Since the skin is too thick, pickle needs atleast 10 – 15 days to mature.

Zesty Lemon Leaves Powder

18 Dec

Nimmaku Karam


Lemon Leaves 5 medium
Coriander Seeds 4 tbsps
Cumin Seeds 1 tsp
Tamarind 1 inch sized ball
Whole Red Chiles 3
Garlic 3 cloves
Curry Leaves around 20 leaves
Salt to taste
Oil 1 tsp

Method of preparation:

Clean, wash, pat dry and roughly chop fresh lemon leaves.
Peel and roughly chop garlic cloves.

Heat oil in a pan, add coriander seeds, red chiles, cumin seeds and curry leaves.
Once the spices are aromatic, remove from heat and cool to room temperature.

Grind the roasted spices along with tamarind, lemon leaves, garlic and salt into powder.
Store tight and serve with idly, dosa, rice etc…

Notes: Lemon leaves powder, if stored for long loses its aroma.

Kaffir Lime Juice

28 Nov

Narija Kaya Nillu


Kaffir Lime 1
Sugar to taste

Method of preparation:

Wash and zest the kaffir lime with a grater to get about half a tsp of zest.
Halve and squeeze the juice out of the kaffir lime discarding the seeds.
Mix together kaffir lime juice, kaffir lime zest and sugar with a glass full of water.
Stir in ice cubes and serve immediately.

Notes: Make sure not to squeeze kaffir lime too hard which might make the juice bitter.