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Seema Chintakayalu

14 Jul

Seema Chintakayalu.

Seema Chintakaya is sweet pod that looks twisted and spiraled. Looks like a twisted tamarind with protruding white pulp with black seeds inside. The color of the pods range from green to pinkish red. Normally the white pulp is eaten raw discarding the seeds..


Seema Chintakaya 10
Red Chile Powder a Pinch
Lemon Juice few Drops
Salt a Pinch

Method of preparation:

Peel the thin skin off of the spiral pods.
Discard the black seeds inside the white pulp and reserve the white pulp.

In a bowl, mix together the white pulp, red chile powder, salt and lemon juice.
Serve as a snack.
Notes: Make sure to clean up the white pulp with a kitchen towel if it looks dirty.

Suggestions: Make sure to just rinse the pods if required but not wash thoroughly.
Variations: You can also eat the white pulp as it is.
Other Names: Seema Chintakayalu, Goras Amli, Ganga Imli, Kodukkappuli, Seeme hunase, Vilayati chinch,