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Dried Curry Leaves Powder

16 Jan

Karivepaku Podi.

Fresh curry leaves are washed and dried under direct sunlight. They are then ground into powder. Store the dried curry leaves powder in a tight jar and use as required.
Makes: around 1/8 Cup Dried Curry Leaves Powder.


Fresh Curry Leaves 4 – 5 Cups Packed

Method of preparation:

Separate curry leaves and thoroughly wash them.
Pat them dry and spread on a cloth or a wide plate.
Let the curry leaves dry under direct sun light for a day or two or until the curry leaves are crisp.
Grind the dried curry leaves into fine powder.
Store the dried curry leaves powder in a tight jar.
Notes: Make sure to cover the curry leaves with a net cloth to avoid them from flying.

Suggestions: Use dried curry leaves powder as a substitute for fresh curry leaves in curries and fries.
Variations: You can also crisp the curry leaves in oven on low heat setting. You can use the curry leaves powder for the curry leaves rice recipe.
Other Names: Enda Pettina Karivepaku Podi, Dried Curry Leaves Powder.