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Mango Papaya Shrikhand

7 Jan

Mango Papaya Shrikhand.

Yogurt is hung to make it thick. Fresh mango and papaya are peeled and very finely chopped. They are then mixed with hung yogurt along with sugar. Serve mango papaya shrikand immediately.
Makes: around 4 Servings of Mango Papaya Shrikhand.


Plain Yogurt 2 Cups
Fresh Ripe Mango 4 Tbsps (Chopped)
Fresh Ripe Papaya 4 Tbsps (Chopped)
Green Cardamom 1 Pod
Sliced Blanched Almonds 4 Tbsps
Sugar to Taste

Method of preparation:

Crush the cardamom pod and remove the seeds and grind the seeds into fine powder.
Peel and very finely chop the mango and papaya.

Tie plain yogurt in a clean muslin cloth and hang it in refrigerator (tie the ends of cloth to the rack) for 6 – 8 hours with a bowl underneath to collect the whey. Alternatively, hang it above the kitchen sink for couple of hours and then refrigerate for an hour or so.

Remove the thick yogurt onto a mixing bowl, stir in sugar.
Then stir in chopped mango, papaya, cardamom powder and sliced almonds.
Serve mango papaya shrikand immediately.
Notes: Make sure to make the yogurt thick before mixing the fruit.

Suggestions: Make sure to use full fat yogurt for better taste.
Variations: You can also add honey instead of sugar if you wish. Few tablespoons of mango juice can also be added if the yogurt is too thick.
Other Names: Mango Papaya Shrikhand.