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Almond Kova

1 Oct

Badam Paala Kowa.

Milk is boiled down till most of the moisture is evaporated and all left is a thick golden soft mixture. During the final stage, almond paste and sugar are added and reduced further. Store for couple of days if necessary and serve almond kova.
Makes: around 7 Almond Kova.


Whole Milk (Doodh) 2 Cups
Whole Almonds 15
Sugar 1/4 Cup or to taste
Pure Ghee 1/4 tsp

Method of preparation:

Soak almonds in water and microwave for a minute or two.
Peel the almonds and soak them in few tablespoons of milk for couple of hours.
Grind the almonds into smooth paste along with the milk and keep aside.

Heat a heavy bottomed wide vessel on medium – low heat, add milk and bring to boil.
Keep boiling the milk by stirring frequently to avoid scorching.
Reduce the milk till it reduces to almost 1/6th of original measure.
When milk thickens and starts to come together, stir in almond paste.
Let the mixture cook again and reduce to thick consistency, then stir in sugar.
Let the sugar melt completely and remove from heat once the mixture forms a soft ball.

When mixture is warm enough make soft balls out of the mixture and flatten them a little with help of two fingers.
Apply ghee to the hands to avoid the mixture from sticking to the hands.
Refrigerate to increase the shelf life for a week and microwave for around 10 seconds to warm them up.
Serve almond kova immediately or with in couple of days.
Notes: Make sure to always keep the bottom from burning.

Suggestions: If the bottom of the pan seems burnt, remove the milk into another pot to boil. If milk is boiled longer than required, doodh peda comes rubbery. If badam doodh peda is not coming together, put the mixture back on heat to thicken it or add a tsp of maida to form peda.
Variations: Evaporated milk can be used to reduce the boiling time to half. Add sliced blanched almonds to the mixture if desired.
Other Names: Almond Kova, Almond Milk Fudge, Badam Pappu Palakova, Badam Doodh Peda.