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Dry Fruit Milk

10 Sep

Dry Fruit Milk.

Plain milk is blended with freshly ground nuts and dried figs. Dry fruit milk can be served warm or cold.
Makes: 1 Serving of Dry Fruit Milk.


Plain Milk 1 Cup
Dried Fig 1
Pistachios 2
Cashews 2
Blanched Almonds 2

Method of preparation:

Soak fig in hot milk for around 5- 10 minutes for it to soften.
Grind pistachios, cashews and almonds into powder using a blender.
Then add the soaked figs and milk and blend well.
Pour into a serving glass and serve cold.
Notes: Make sure to blend the fig well.

Suggestions: Microwave the fig soaked in milk for around 20 seconds to soften further before grinding.
Variations: You can also add seedless raisins to make the milk much sweeter. Use crushed ice or ice cubes while blending milk if desired.
Other Names: Dry Fruit Milk.