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Hot Healthy Beverage

7 Aug

Hot Healthy Beverage.

Ginger and cardamom are crushed and boiled in water for a minute or more. Then the liquid is flavored with turmeric powder, lemon juice and honey. Serve hot healthy beverage immediately.Makes: 1 Serving of Hot Healthy Beverage.


Ginger 2 inch Piece
Turmeric Powder a big Pinch
Whole Cardamom 2 Pods
Lemon Juice 1 tsp
Honey 1 Tbsp or to taste

Method of preparation:

Peel, wash and thoroughly crush the ginger with help of a pestle.
Lightly crush the cardamom and keep aside.

Bring to boil a big cup of water, add ginger and cardamom.
Boil for a minute and strain the liquid.
Stir in turmeric powder, lemon juice and sufficient honey.
Mix well and serve hot healthy beverage immediately.
Notes: Make sure to boil for at least a minute before removing from heat.

Suggestions: You can also microwave for around 2 minutes.
Variations: Add a green tea bag if desired once the liquid is strained.
Other Names: Hot Healthy Beverage.