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Dried Tamarind Leaves

16 Jul

Endapettina Chinta Chiguru.

Fresh tamarind leaves are thoroughly washed to remove any dirt particles and either dry them under direct sunlight for couple of days or place them in oven and dry them till crisp. The leaves can be used to make dal or rasam etc…
Makes: around a Cup of Dried Tamarind Leaves.


Fresh Tamarind Leaves around 2 Cups

Method of preparation:

Wash tamarind leaves thoroughly and pat them dry.
Spread the cleaned tamarind leaves on baking tray.
Preheat the oven to 180 F – 200 F.
Place the tamarind leaves tray for 1 hr 20 min to 2 hr.
Check in the last 15 – 30 min to make sure all the leaves are dry and crisp.
Alternatively, leave the tamarind leaves in direct sun light until dry and crisp.
Rub the crisp tamarind leaves between the palms to powder them if necessary.
Tightly store the dried tamarind leaves in clean dry jar.
Notes: Make sure to discard any big or fat stems before storing the tamarind leaves.

Suggestions: Make sure tamarind leaves are thoroughly dry before placing in the oven.
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Other Names: Endapettina Chinta Chiguru, Dried Tamarind Leaves.