Sesame Cashew Laddu

13 Jul

Nuvvulu Jeedi Pappu Laddulu.

White sesame seeds are lightly toasted and ground into fine powder along with cashew nuts and jaggery. The mixture is then formed into small laddoo. Serve sesame cashew laddu as necessary.
Makes: around 7 Sesame Cashew Laddu.


Sesame Seeds 1 Cup
Cashews 10
Jaggery 1/2 Cup – 3/4 Cup (Grated)

Method of preparation:

Heat a heavy bottomed pan on low heat, add sesame seeds and fry till they turn light golden in color.
Remove from heat and cool the sesame seeds to room temperature.
Roughly chop cashews.
Grind sesame seeds, cashews, grated jaggery into powder using a grinder.
Remove the ground mixture onto a plate.
Take lemon sized portion of ground sesame mixture and roll into tight laddu with help of hands.
Store the formed sesame cashew laddu in a jar and they stay fresh for couple of weeks.
Serve sesame cashew laddu as necessary.
Notes: Make sure not to over toast the sesame seeds.

Suggestions: Adjust jaggery according to your preference. Choose somewhat soft jaggery if possible to ease the laddu making. If you have hard jaggery, you can melt with few tsps of water into syrup before adding the ground sesame cashew powder.
Variations: You can also add a small pinch of cardamom powder or a tiny pinch of nutmeg powder while grinding.
Other Names: Sesame Cashew Laddu, Nuvvulu Jeedi Pappu Laddulu.

One Response to “Sesame Cashew Laddu”

  1. kavitha July 20, 2012 at 7:40 am #

    i feel these laddus are not only yummy and also neutritious

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