Blackberry Sandesh

26 Apr


Sandesh is a Bengali sweet made of freshly curdled milk. Cow’s milk is preferred for sandesh rather than buffalo’s milk for the soft and smooth texture. Curdled cow’s milk called chenna is first kneaded thoroughly with powdered sugar and crushed blackberries and made into small balls and garnished with sliced almonds.
Makes: around 15 Blackberry Sandesh.


Blackberries 4 – 6
Cow’s Milk 1/4 Gallon (around 1 Lt)
Yogurt or Whey 1/2 Cup or more
Confectionery Sugar 1/4 Cup
Green Cardamom Powder a big Pinch
Blanched Sliced Almonds to Garnish

Method of preparation:

Whisk yogurt in half a cup of water till smooth.
Bring the milk to boil in a heavy bottomed pot on a medium flame.
Stir continuously till the milk starts bubbling to avoid scorching.
Once the milk boils, switch off the heat and stir in yogurt little by little.
Add more yogurt if required and let the milk curdle completely.
Pour the curdled milk in to a muslin cloth lined strainer and then wash the curds under cold running water.
Hold the muslin cloth tight and squeeze off the excess water.
Hang the collected curd for an hour or two to remove excess moisture.
The hung curd should have little moisture and is called chenna.

In a mixing bowl, crush the black berries thoroughly with sugar and cardamom powder.
Add this mixture to the chenna mixture and knead thoroughly with palm for 5 – 10 minutes to bind the chenna mixture and to make it quite soft and smooth without sticking to the hands.
Make soft small lime sized balls out of the kneaded chenna mixture.
Garnish the blackberry sandesh with sliced almonds.
Serve blackberry sandesh chilled and finish them in a day or two.
Notes: Make sure to hang the chenna well so that there is not too much moisture.

Suggestions: You can freeze the chenna mixture for couple of minutes if there is too much moisture after hanging it. Adjust sugar according to your preference. You can also use few tablespoons of lemon juice to curdle the milk.
Variations: Check other sandesh recipe here.
Other Names: Blackberry Sandesh.

3 Responses to “Blackberry Sandesh”

  1. Priya April 27, 2012 at 1:22 pm #

    Cute and catchy sandesh..

  2. pary April 30, 2012 at 11:26 pm #

    nice & new sandesh

  3. samrajya lakshmi May 1, 2012 at 3:53 am #

    is it rasagulla…? but i think it is very very tasty.

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