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Carrot Spinach Raita

22 Mar

Carrot Spinach Raita.

Spinach is finely chopped and cooked in oil till soft. Carrot is finely grated and added to the raita along with spinach. Raita is finished with talimpu and serve carrot spinach raita with steamed rice or with roti.
Makes: around 4 Servings of Carrot Spinach Raita.


Plain Yogurt 2 Cups
Spinach 2 Cups Packed
Carrot 1 Large
Salt to Taste


Mustard Seeds 1/4 tsp
Cumin Seeds 1/4 tsp
Urad Dal 1/4 tsp
Broken Dried Red Chiles 6 – 8
Oil 2 tsps

Method of preparation:

Wash, remove ends, peel and finely grate the carrot.
Wash and finely chop the spinach.
Whisk yogurt and salt thoroughly in a mixing bowl.

Heat a tsp oil in a pan, add spinach and cook till it wilts.
Remove from heat and add to the yogurt bowl.

Heat a tsp of oil in the same pan, add all talimpu ingredients in order.
When mustard seed start spluttering, remove from heat and add to the above raita.
Mix well and serve carrot spinach raita with steamed rice or with roti.
Notes: Make sure spinach is cooked well.

Suggestions: Adjust spice with red chillies or use green chiles and fry them along with spinach.
Variations: Add a pinch of sugar to the raita if you wish.
Other Names: Carrot Spinach Raita.