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Fenugreek Sprouts Salad

4 Oct

Fenugreek Sprouts Salad.

Fenugreek seeds are soaked in water and sprouted for a day or two. Finely chop the bell peppers, tomato and onion. Fenugreek sprouts are mixed with all the chopped vegetables and herbs. Serve fenugreek sprouts salad immediately or chilled.
Makes: around 2 Servings of Fenugreek Sprouts Salad.


Sprouted Fenugreek Seeds 1/2 Cup
Red Bell Pepper 1/4 of Small one
Green Bell Pepper 1/4 of Small One
Tomato 1 Small
Onion 1/2 Small
Black Pepper Powder few Pinches
Lemon Juice 1 Tbsp
Cilantro few Sprigs
Salt to Taste

Method of preparation:

Peel and finely chop the onion.
Wash and finely chop the tomato.
Wash, separate leaves and finely chop the cilantro.
Wash, discard seeds and finely chop red and green bell pepper.

In a mixing bowl, mix together fenugreek seeds sprouts and lemon juice.
Leave aside for few minutes and then stir in chopped tomato, onion, cilantro, salt and black pepper.
Serve fenugreek sprouts salad.
Notes: Make sure fenugreek seeds are sprouted well.

Suggestions: Make sure to adjust fenugreek sprouts according to taste.
Variations: You can also add finely chopped cucumber if you wish. Click here to learn how to sprout fengreek seeds.
Other Names: Fenugreek Sprouts Salad.