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Dal Fritters

11 Jul

Pappula Punukulu.

Chana dal, urad dal and moong dal is soaked in water and ground into paste with spices. The batter is then scooped and dropped into hot oil and fried till golden brown in color. Serve dal fritters as a snack.
Makes: around 6 Servings of Dal Fritters.


Chana Dal 1/8 Cup
Urad Dal 1/8 Cup
Moong Dal 1/8 Cup
Green Chiles 2 – 3
Cumin Seeds 1/8 tsp
Curry Leaves a Few
Cilantro Few Sprigs
Salt to Taste
Oil for Deep Frying

Method of preparation:

Soak chana dal, urad dal and moong dal in water for 3 – 4 hours or until the dals are well soaked.
Strain the dals and keep aside.

Grind soaked dals, green chiles, cumin seeds and salt into smooth paste adding little water.
Remove the ground dals mixture into a bowl and stir in cilantro.

Heat oil in a deep frying pan on medium heat.
When oil gets hot, carefully drop a small scoop of the dals mixture into the oil.
Repeat till the surface of the oil is filled up with fritters.
Deep fry till the dal fritters turns light golden brown in color.
Carefully remove the dal fritters onto a absorbent paper.
Repeat the same with any remaining dals mixture.
Serve dal fritters as a snack.
Notes: Make sure dals are soaked well.

Suggestions: If the inside of the bonda is not cooked properly, put them back in medium hot oil and fry till done. Make sure the consistency of the ground dal mixture is not too loose.
Variations: Check other deep fried recipes here.
Other Names: Dal Fritters, Pappula Punukulu.