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Sweet Potato Idli

29 Jun

Chilakada Dumpa Idlilu.

Sweet potato is grated raw and is mixed with idli batter along with cilantro and spices (for spicy version) and poured into idli moulds. The idli is then steamed till done. Serve sweet potato idli with spicy idli powder or with sambar or with coconut chutney.
Makes: around 4 Sweet Potato Idli.


Idli Batter 1 Cup
Sweet Potato 1/2 of Small One
Cilantro few Leaves
Salt to taste
Ghee few drops

Method of preparation:

Peel, wash and grate the sweet potato (around 1/2 Cup)
Separate leaves, wash and tear the cilantro leaves.

In a bowl, add the idli batter, grated sweet potato, teared cilantro leaves and salt (if necessary).
Mix thoroughly and keep aside.
Grease idli moulds with few drops of ghee.
Pour few tablespoons of batter in each idli mould.
Place the idli stand in steamer.

Steam the idli for around 8 minutes.
Leave the idli outside for a minute or two to cool down.
Carefully remove the idli from idli mould with help of a spoon.
Serve sweet potato idli with coconut chutney.
Notes: Make sure idli is steamed well before removing from heat.

Suggestions: Adjust the amount of sweet potato if necessary. Make sure idli batter is not too thick or not too thin. Adjust the batter with water if necessary.
Variations: Also add finely chopped green chiles to the batter for a spicy idli.
Other Names: Sweet Potato Idli, Chilakada Dumpa Idlilu.