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Ugadi & Talimpu Anniversary

4 Apr

Ugadi Pachadi.

It is very hard to write about Talimpu but i will try to share a little bit about it and the people behind it. It’s been 4 long years since i started Talimpu. I remember the day i called my parents to suggest me a name for the food blog, the day i had to post Talimpu recipe from an airport, the numerous days i dragged my husband to malls for bowls shopping and those days when i was extremely sick but had a tiny bit of energy to prepare a recipe for Talimpu. Each recipe has a story behind it and people behind it. Whatever the story is I always tried to keep the Indian note in each of the recipes with simple and fresh ingredients. I hope Talimpu helped you in preparing a quick recipe or at least helped you in bringing new twists to your recipes. I hope your family had as much fun as my family had while making and tasting a Talimpu recipe. I managed to keep Talimpu alive posting a recipe almost everyday (1350+ recipes as of today).
Hopefully i will have the energy and time to do the same in the coming years. Please support talimpu by visiting the website and most importantly by adapting recipes from it.
Finally, Thanks to all those people who not only took time to visit Talimpu but also to share their experience.
Thanks to internet friends who keep sending wonderful recipes through email just for the sake of Talimpu.
Thanks to all my friends, parents, in laws and other family members who saved those special recipes and had the heart to give it out for Talimpu.
Thanks to my cousin Tez for being there from the start and helping me with Talimpu coding.
Thanks mom and dad for Talimpu.
And a very special thanks to my husband for all his support and most importantly for surviving in spite of all the food experiments and explosions.

Happy Talimpu Anniversary and a very Happy Ugadi to you.

Ugadi Pachadi is a combination of 6 tastes. Bitter / Chedu (from neem flowers), Sweet / Teepi (from jaggery), Sour / Pulupu ( from tamarind), Salty / Uppu ( from salt), Spicy / Karam ( from green chile) and ogaru / astringent (from tender mango).
Makes: around 4 Servings of Ugadi Pachadi.


Neem Flowers 1 tbsp
Raw Mango 4 Tbsps (chopped)
Ripe Banana 1 Small
Fresh Coconut 4 Tbsps
Jaggery 5 Tbsps (grated)
Tamarind 2 inch Sized Ball
Red Chili Powder a Pinch
Salt a Pinch

Method of preparation:

Soak tamarind in a cup of water and extract all the thick pulp.
Soak jaggery in the tamarind extract.
Wash and finely chop the mango discarding the seed.
Peel and slice banana into circles.
Finely chop the fresh coconut pieces.

Mix all other ingredients into tamarind and jaggery mixture.
Mix thoroughly and adjust all the above ingredients if required.
Serve a bowl full of ugadi pachadi.
Notes: If using banana, make sure to add it just before serving.

Suggestions: Adjust the amount of ingredients to make it more sweet, sour or spicy. Pluck the leaves of the neem flowers and add it for much milder bitterness.
Variations: Mashed banana can also be added to ugadi pachadi. You can also add chopped sugarcane, roasted chana dal, …
Other Names: Ugadi Pachadi.