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Sugar Boondi

26 Mar


Boondi is prepared with besan/gram flour. The batter made with besan is passed through a perforated spatula before hitting the oil. It forms small balls. The deep fried boondi is then coated with sugar syrup for sugar boondi.
Makes: around 2 Cups of Sugar Boondi.


Besan/ Senagapindi 1 Cup
Water 3/4 Cup
Sugar 1 Cup
Currants a Handful

Method of preparation:

In a mixing bowl, mix besan and water together into smooth batter without any lumps.

Heat oil in a wok on medium high heat.
Use a perforated big spatula to shield the oil.
Pour the batter onto the perforated big spatula to fill it up.

Make sure to very slightly tap the perforated spoon to let the batter fall through the holes and into the oil.
Stop when the wok is filled with boondi.
Let the boondi fry and turn a light golden in color.
With help of a skimmer, remove the fried boondi onto absorbent paper before they turn brown.
Repeat the process until all the besan batter is finished.

Prepare the sugar syrup by heating sugar and around half cup of water on medium high flame.
Let the sugar completely melt in the water and turn into syrup.
The syrup is done when its thick and forms a thin thread when pressed between fingers.
Remove the sugar syrup from heat, add cardamom powder.
You can also test the syrup by taking a tbsp of it into a bowl and seeing how it turns out when it cools down.
Drop all the boondi into the syrup along with currants and let it the sugar syrup coat all the boondi.
Mix thoroughly and the boondi helps cools down the syrup completely and syrup starts to turn white.
Store sugar boondi in a tight jar and serve when necessary.
Notes: Make sure not to over fry the boondi.

Suggestions: Make sure besan batter is on thicker side rather than on thinner side. If the syrup doesn’t crystallize, make sure to heat the sugar syrup for little longer.
Variations: You can also add other nuts and dry fruits to the boondi if desired.
Other Names: Sugar Boondi, Teepi Boondi.