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Papaya Soy Smoothie

3 Mar

Papaya Soy Smoothie.

Fresh ripe papaya is peeled and chopped. It is then smoothly blended with soy milk. Honey or sugar is used to sweeten the smoothie. Serve papaya soy smoothie immediately or chilled.
Makes: around 2 Servings of Papaya Soy Smoothie.


Papaya 2 Cups Chopped
Banana 1/2 of Small One
Soy Milk 2 Cups
Honey to Taste

Method of preparation:

Peel and chop papaya into cubes (around 2 Cups).
Finely chop couple of cubes of papaya for garnish.
Roughly chop the peeled banana.

Blend together papaya, banana, cold soy milk and honey smoothly using a blender.
Pour the papaya smoothie onto serving glasses.
Garnish with chopped papaya and honey.
Serve immediately.
Notes: Adjust the consistency of the papaya milkshake with water or soy milk.

Suggestions: Chill the papaya if desired or used crushed ice while blending.
Variations: You can flavor the smoothie with a pinch of green cardamom powder.
Other Names: Papaya Soy Smoothie.