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Spicy Pootharekulu

16 Aug


Poothareku is a famous coastal Andhra sweet made with thin flaky sheets of paper made of rice flour. For spicy pootharekulu, red chili powder is folded into the rice paper sheets along with pure ghee. Store the pootharekulu tight in a jar and they stay fresh for around a week or two.
Makes: around 5 Pieces of Spicy Pootharekulu.


Rice Paper Sheets 20
Red Chili Powder 1/2 tsp
Salt 1/8 tsp
Pure Ghee 3 tbsps

Method of preparation:

Melt the ghee and keep it aside.
Grind red chili powder and salt into powder.

Damp a kitchen towel with few splashes of water.
Place two sheets of rice paper on the damp cloth.
Damp cloth helps to make the rice sheet little pliable.
Alternatively, sprinkle few tiny drops of water onto the sheet to make the folding easier.

Layer around a pinch of red chili mixture onto the first rice paper sheet.
Pour quarter tsp of ghee all over the rice sheet.
Layer two more rice paper sheets on the first few sheets.
Spread around another pinch of red chili mixture onto the second layer.
Pour quarter tsp of ghee all over the rice sheet.

Fold one longest side onto the center of the sheets.
Fold other longest side to overlap the first folded side.
Layer a pinch of red chile mixture onto the folded strip.
Pour a tsp of ghee all over the rice strip.

Fold the ends of the sheet together once and fold the remaining part into a rectangular strip.
Repeat the same with remaining rice paper sheets.
Store the spicy pootharekulu in a tight jar and serve when necessary.
Notes: Make sure not to use too much red chili mixture.

Suggestions: Adjust the spice with red chili powder.
Variations: Sugar Pootharekulu is a traditional version.
Other Names: Pootharekulu, Spicy Pootharekulu, Karam Putharekulu.