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Sesame Seeds Laddu

19 Jul


White sesame seeds are ground into fine powder using a grinder or a heavy pestle. Soft jaggery is used in binding the sesame seeds powder. Soft jaggery is ground along with sesame seeds powder or crumbled and mixed with the powder. The mixture is made into small laddu and served.
Makes: around 10 Sesame Seeds Laddu.


White Sesame Seeds 3/4 Cup
Soft Jaggery 1 Cup

Method of preparation:

Grind white sesame seeds into fine powder using a grinder.
Alternatively, roast the sesame seeds on low flame before grinding.

Crumble the soft jaggery using hands.
If jaggery is little hard, grind it into fine powder using a grinder or a pestle.

In a mixing bowl, combine ground sesame seeds powder and jaggery.
Mash both the ingredients thoroughly using hands.
Take around 3 tbsps of mixture into hands and form into a soft ball.
Repeat the same with remaining mixture.
Store the sesame seeds laddu tight in a jar and serve when necessary.
Notes: Make sure jaggery is soft enough.

Suggestions: If the jaggery is too hard, microwave it for couple of seconds to make it little soft.
Variations: You can also add roasted chopped coconut to the sesame seeds mixture. The same recipe can be made with black sesame seeds (black sesame seeds are soaked in water and dried under sunlight before pounding them to remove some of the skin).
Other Names: Sesame Seeds Laddu, Til Laddu, Til Ka Laddu, Yellina Unde, Chimili.