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7 Cups Sweet

7 May

7 Cups Sweet.

This sweet is called 7 cups because there is a 7 cup measure that is followed to prepare this recipe. All the 7 cups of ingredients are placed in a pan and cooked till it forms a thick gooey mixture. The mixture is then transferred to a greased dish and cut into blocks once cooled to room temperature.
Makes: around 20 2-inch blocks of 7 Cups Sweet.


Besan 1 Cup
Grated Coconut (fresh or frozen) 1 Cup
Plain Milk 1 Cup
Ghee 2 Cups
Sugar 2 Cups
Cardamom Powder a big Pinch (optional)

Method of preparation:

Grease around a ten inch square dish with little ghee and keep aside.
Heat a nonstick pan or heavy bottomed pan on medium heat, add ghee and besan.
Fry briefly and stir in all the other ingredients.
Alternatively, mix all the ingredients together without any lumps before placing in the pan.
Let the sugar melt and the syrup thicken.
The sugar syrup binds the besan together.
Keep stirring and let the mixture cook till its very thick.

Test the mixture by dropping it into the pan from a feet above.
If the mixture falls into lumps rather than in a sheet, then its done (around 15 minutes).
Pour the mixture into greased dish and tap the dish couple of times.
Pat the mixture flat with back of a spatula and leave it aside to cool off.
When warm enough, cut the besan mixture into 2 inch blocks.
Cool the 7 cups besan sweet to room temperature and store tight for couple of days.
Serve 7 cups sweet as required.
Notes: Make sure to get the consistency of the mixture right.

Suggestions: If the mixture is not hardened when poured into greased dish, put it back on heat and cook till it thickens enough.
Variations: Though its traditionally made with besan, you can substitute wheat flour instead (Wheat Flour 7 Cups Sweet). Sugar and ghee ratio can vary depending on the preference. If ghee is 1 cup then sugar is 3 cups.
Other Names: 7 Cups Sweet, Besan 7 Cups Sweet, Gram Flour 7 Cups Sweet.