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Sprouts Dates Salad

6 May

Molakettina Pesalu Karjuram.

This is a simple and healthy salad made with moong sprouts and dates. Dates are chopped up and mixed with moong sprouts along with sliced almonds.
Makes: around 1 Cup of Sprouts Dates Salad.


Moong Sprouts 1 Cup
Dates 4 – 6
Golden Raisins 10
Almonds 4
Honey 1 tsp (optional)

Method of preparation:

Soak almonds in water overnight.
In the morning, peel the skin off of the almonds and thinly slice them.
Alternatively, microwave the almonds in little water for a minute to peel off the skin.

In a mixing bowl, mix all the ingredients together.
Serve sprouts dates salad immediately.
Notes: Make sure the sprouts are sprouted well.

Suggestions: How to make Moong Sprouts.
Variations: If the sweetness of dates is not enough, stir in some honey.
Other Names: Sprouts Dates Salad, Molakettina Pesalu Karjuram.