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Salted Plantain Chips

11 Feb

Aratikaya Chips.

Plantain chips are popular tea time snack prepared by deep frying sliced plantains. The deep fried plantain chips is finally seasoned with salt and turmeric powder. The chips stay fresh for up to a month when stored properly in a tight jar.
Makes: 2 Cups of Salted Plantain Chips.


Plantain / Raw Banana 2
Turmeric Powder a big Pinch
Salt to taste
Peanut Oil for Deep Frying

Method of preparation:

Remove ends and remove the thick skin of the plantains.
Slice the plantain into thin slices and place them in cold water until necessary.

Heat oil in a deep frying pan on medium low heat.
Carefully drop handful of plantain slices into hot oil (around 190 C).
Fry the plantain chips until crisp and until light golden brown on both sides (around 5 minutes depending on thickness of the plantain slices).
Remove the deep fried plantain chips onto a bowl.
Sprinkle turmeric powder and season the plantain chips with sufficient salt.
Notes: Make sure to slice the plantain chips the same width.

Suggestions: If the chips doesn’t have the crunch, put them back into hot oil and fry for few more minutes on medium – low till crispy.
Variations: You can also season with red chili powder or pepper powder or masala powder if you wish.
Other Names: Salted Plantain Chips, Aratikaya Chips.