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How to make Moong Sprouts

9 Jan

Molakettina Pesalu.

Sprouts can be made in quite a few ways. Here, there are couple of easy ways to sprout any lentils or beans.
Makes: around 2 1/2 Cups of Molakettina Pesalu.


Whole Moong 1 Cup

Method of preparation:

Method 1:

Wash and soak whole moong in water overnight.
Refresh the soaked moong in fresh water next day.
Drain the water and tie the moong in a muslin cloth (or spread on one and cover with another kitchen napkin) and leave for 2 – 3 days.
Wash the muslin cloth every 6 hours under running water and hang it to drain the excess water.
Sprinkle water every few hours to make sure the cloth is always damp.
Once the moong sprouts, untie the cloth, refresh the sprouts under running water.

Method 2:

Soak whole moong in water overnight.
Refresh the soaked moong under running water the next day.
Spread the soaked moong on a wide colander and cover with wet towel for around 3 days.
Every day, place the colander under running water to refresh the moong.
Once the water is drained, cover again with wet towel.
Always make sure the towel is damp else sprinkle water to make it wet.
Once the whole moong sprout, refresh under fresh running water for the last time.

Method 3:

Soak whole moong in water overnight and then refresh under running water.
Transfer the soaked moong in to a box having multiple perforations.
Wash the moong every 6 – 8 hours under running water and close the lid of the box.
Once the moong sprouts, refresh under running water.
Alternatively, use a wide jar with perforated lid for the same purpose in which case, always stand the jar on its lid to drain excess water.

Method 4:

Using a sprout maker, arrange the soaked moong in one of the middle tier (with a water outlet).
Fill the top tier with water and close the lid.
First, place the empty bottom tier, then layer it with the moong tier and then finally layer it with water tier.
Discard the bottom tier water every day and fill the top tier with water every day.
Once the moong sprouts (2 – 3 days), refresh the sprouts under running water.

Notes: Once the sprouts are done, refrigerate for a week or two.

Suggestions: Make sure to soak the moong in water well before transferring to the sprout maker. When the sprout is a little longer than the size of its lentil or bean, its ready to eat.
Variations: The same process can be followed during making any kind of sprouts (lentil sprouts / bean sprouts).
Other Names: Sprouts, Moong Sprouts.