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Jaggery Mango Pickle

26 Dec

Bellam Avakaya.

Bellam avakaya / teepi avakaya is a sweet version of the mango pickle. Salt is either substituted with either jaggery or sugar depending on the preference. All the ingredients are mixed and allowed to sit for around 3 days. The mango pieces are then separated and the syrup is allowed to dry under the direct sunlight till little thick. Finally the mango pieces are mixed back into the thickened syrup.
Makes: around 2 cups of Bellam Avakaya.


Mango (Chopped) 1 Cup
Jaggery (Grated) 3/4 Cup
Red Chilli Powder 1/2 Cup

Method of preparation:

Wash thoroughly and pat dry the mango.
Chop the mango along with its seeds into big chunks.
Grate or mash the jaggery and keep aside.

In a mixing bowl, mix jaggery and red chilli powder together.
Thoroughly stir in the mango pieces and keep aside for around 3 days.
Then, remove the mango pieces onto a plate from the mixture.

Heat the remaining mixture on medium heat.
Let any remaining jaggery melt and let the syrup thicken a bit.
Once the syrup is little thick (like honey), remove from heat.
Stir back in the removed mango pieces.
Store in a tight jar and serve the jaggery mango pickle when necessary.
Notes: Make sure not to cook the syrup for long time.

Suggestions: If the jaggery mango pickle is too thin, cook for another minute. Add more chopped mango pieces to the pickle if desired.
Variations: You can also swap the jaggery with the same amount of sugar. You can also temper with mustard seeds if desired. The mixture can also be kept under direct sunlight to thicken.
Other Names: Bellam Avakaya, Teepi Avakaya, Jaggery Mango Pickle, Sweet Mango Pickle.