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Bread Halwa

12 Dec

Bread Halwa.

Bread halwa is a delicious and quick dessert made with bread slices. Hard crust is chopped off from the bread slices and roasted in ghee till golden brown in color. Then milk is added to soften the bread slices. Once milk is almost evaporated, sugar is added. The sugar is allowed to melt and lightly caramelize. Finally bread halwa is garnished with roasted cashews and blanched almonds.
Makes: around 3 Servings of Bread Halwa.


White or Wheat Bread 4 Slices
Sugar 1 Cup
Milk 1 Cup
Cardamom 1
Almonds 5
Cashews 5
Ghee 2 tbsps

Method of preparation:

Bruise the cardamom and remove all the seeds from inside.
Thoroughly grind the seeds with help of a pestle or a spice grinder.
Slice off the edges of the bread and keep aside.
Break cashews into halves.
Soak almonds in hot water for few minutes and peel off the skin.

Heat a pan on medium heat, add a tsp of ghee.
Add cashews and roast them till light golden brown and remove onto a plate.
Place one bread slice at a time depending on the size of the pan.
Roast the bread slice and add more ghee on other side and turn.
Once bread is light golden brown on both sides, remove onto a plate.
Repeat the same with remaining bread slices.

Then transfer all the bread slices onto the same pan.
Pour milk into the pan and let all the bread soak up the milk and become soft.
Use back of the spatula to break the bread slices.
Now add sugar and cardamom powder.
Cook the whole mixture till all the sugar dissolves and caramelizes a bit.
Now add the cashews and almonds and mix.
Remove from heat and serve bread halwa hot or cold.
Notes: Make sure all the sugar is completely melt.

Suggestions: If the bread is not soft and almost mushy when the milk is added, add more milk as needed. Adjust the amount of sugar to your preference.
Variations: Some good variations of bread desserts are Double Ka Meeta and Shahi Tukra.
Other Names: Bread Halwa.