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Teepi Limkilu

4 Dec

Teepi Limkilu.

Teepi limkilu is a Andhra sweet made of plain flour. Traditionally the deep fried dough bits are caramelized with a thick sugar syrup. Here, sugar is mixed along with the plain flour during the preparation of dough. So it takes less sugar to make the teepi limkilu.
Makes: around quarter cup of Teepi Limkilu.


Plain Flour / Maida 1 Cup
Sugar 1/2 Cup
Butter 1 tbsp
Salt a Small Pinch
Oil for deep frying

Method of preparation:

In a mixing bowl, add plain flour, sugar, butter and salt.
Add enough water and make the mixture into somewhat soft pliable dough.
Make sure the dough doesn’t stick to the fingers when touched.
Leave the dough covered for 30 minutes.

Knead the dough for one last time and divide into four portions.
Make each portion into long quarter inch thick tube.
Lightly press the long tube on top to flatten it a bit.
Now cut the tube into approximately half inch pieces and keep aside.
Repeat the same with remaining portions.

Heat oil in a deep pan on medium heat.
To check when the oil is ready, drop a small piece of dough into the oil and it quickly rises to top.
Slowly drop all the small chunks of dough into the hot oil.
Deep fry till they turn golden brown on all sides.
Remove onto absorbent paper and repeat with any leftover chunks.
Make sure the deep fried chunks cool to room temperature before storing them tight in a jar.
Serve teepi limkilu as a snack.
Notes: Make sure to fry the limkilu right.

Suggestions: If the limkilu are not crisp but soft inside, deep fry again in hot oil for some more time and remove.
Variations: Instead of adding sugar to the dough, the deep fried limkilu can be caramelized with thick sugar syrup.
Other Names: Teepi Limkilu.