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Cauliflower with Poppy Seeds

6 Oct

Cauliflower Gasagasala Masala Kura.

Cauliflower is boiled or steamed till slightly soft. Poppy seeds are ground into fine paste along with grated coconut and other spices. Cauliflower is first lightly browned before adding the poppy seeds paste. Once the cauliflower absorbs all the flavors, it is garnished with chopped cilantro.
Makes: 3 – 4 Servings of Cauliflower with Poppy Seeds.


Cauliflower 1
Poppy Seeds 1 tbsp
Grated Coconut 3/4 – 1 Cup
Ginger 2 inch Long Piece
Cloves 4
Green Cardamom 1
Cinnamon 2 inch Stick
Red Chilli Powder 1 tsp
Turmeric Powder 1/4 tsp
Cilantro few Sprigs
Salt to taste
Oil 1 tbsp

Method of preparation:

Peel and roughly chop ginger.
Wash and finely chop cilantro.
Cut off the leaves, break cauliflower into small florets and thoroughly wash them under running water.
Bring to boil few cups of water, add cauliflower florets and turmeric powder.
Boil till cauliflower turns just soft and strain the cooked cauliflower.
Alternatively, steam the washed cauliflower florets.

First grind poppy seeds, cloves, green cardamom and cinnamon into fine powder using a spice blender.
Then add chopped ginger and grind again.
Finally add the grated coconut, red chilli powder, few tablespoons of water and grind into smooth paste.
Remove the poppy seeds and coconut paste into a bowl for later use.

Heat oil in a pan, add boiled cauliflower florets and fry them till light brown spots appear on the florets.
Then stir in ground poppy seeds and coconut paste along with remaining turmeric powder.
Pour few tablespoons of water into the pan if the poppy seeds and coconut paste is too dry.
Cook covered on medium flame for 3 – 5 minutes for cauliflower to absorb all the flavors.
Uncover and fry for another 3 minutes to evaporate excess moisture.
Stir in sufficient salt, chopped cilantro and adjust any seasonings if required.
Serve cauliflower with poppy seeds over plain steamed rice or with roti.
Notes:Make sure not to over boil the cauliflower florets.

Suggestions:If cauliflower is not cooked properly, add few more tablespoons of water into the curry and cook it covered on low flame till done.
Variations: Also check Cauliflower with Dry Coconut, Cauliflower with Mustard Seeds.
Other Names:Cauliflower with Poppy Seeds, Gobi Nariyal Posto, Cauliflower Gasagasala Masala Kura.