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Coconut Apple

2 Oct

Kobbari Puvvu


Coconut 1

Method of preparation:

By carefully breaking and opening a sprouting coconut, you will find what is called coconut apple.
Coconut apple is delicate spongy mass with slight sweetness and pleasant coconut aroma.

Ligthly scrub the coconut apple if required.
Skin has all the texture and flavor, so make sure not to scrape deep.
This coconut apple can be eaten fresh as is or can be chopped and sprinkled with sugar crystals.
Notes: Make sure not to store this coconut apple more than a day or two in refrigerator.

Suggestions: If the broken coconut has a very hard mass instead of soft spongy matter, the coconut might be too old and the sapling has absorbed all the juices. If there is a very small coconut apple instead of a fully formed coconut apple, the coconut might be too young for it has to develop the coconut apple.
Variations: You can also caramalize the coconut apple with few tbsps of sugar if you wish.
Other Names: Kobbari Puvvu, Coconut Apple.