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Chillies in Cumin Powder

1 Oct

Jeera Mirchi.

Cumin seeds are roasted on low flame and ground into fine powder for fresh flavor. Tender Green Chiles are stuffed with roasted cumin powder and mixed with lemon juice. They are then stored in a jar with good amount of oil and left to mature for couple of days before using.
Makes: 6 Chillies in Cumin Powder.


Fresh Long Green Chiles 6
Cumin Seeds 3 tbsps
Lemon Juice 1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Mustard Oil 3 tbsps

Method of preparation:

Wash thoroughly, pat dry and slit green chiles with its stem and tail intact.
Heat a heavy bottomed pan on low flame, add cumin seeds and roast them until aromatic or until the seeds darken a bit (around 4 minutes).
Cool the roasted cumin seeds completely to room temperature and grind them into fine powder using spice blender.
Mix together roasted cumin powder, a tbsp of oil and salt.
Take a tsp of the above cumin mixture and stuff it into green chiles.
Arrange the green chiles on a plate, add lemon juice and remaining cumin powder.
Mix well and pour the remaining oil over the green chiles.
Alternatively, if you choose smaller green chiles, they can be transfered to jar before adding oil.

Cover the plate with a plastic wrap or close it with another plate.
Leave the green chillies for couple of days to mature before using them.
Serve chillies in cumin powder with any dal rice or yogurt rice.

Notes: Make sure to choose fresh and tender green chiles as they tend to be mildly hot. Don’t over roast cumin seeds.

Suggestions: Stir the green chillies at least once every day. Add more oil if they tend to dry out a bit.
Variations: Also check out some other variations of this simple green chile picle. Green Chiles in Mustard Seeds Powder, Mirchi in Ajwain, Green Chillies in Lemon Juice.
Other Names: Jeera Mirchi, Jeelakarra Mirapakayalu.