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Moong Dal Stuffed Snake Gourd

10 Aug

Potlakaya Pesarapappu Kobbari.

Snake gourd is stuffed with moong dal mixture in this recipe. Moong dal is almost cooked and ground coarsely. Scraped coconut and other spices are mixed with the coarsely ground moong dal and stuffed into the snake gourd pieces. They are then tempered and cooked on low flame till done.
Makes:6 Moong Dal Stuffed Snake Gourd


Snake Gourd 1 (12 inch long)
Moong Dal 1/2 cup
Scraped Coconut 1/2 Cup
Green Chillies 3 – 5
Red Chilli Powder 1/2 tsp (optional)
Turmeric Powder a pinch
Salt to taste


Chana Dal 1/4 tsp
Urad Dal 1/4 tsp
Cumin Seeds 1/4 tsp
Mustard Seeds 1/4 tsp
Asafoetida a pinch
Curry Leaves 6
Oil 1 tbsp

Method of preparation:

Remove stems, wash and slice the green chiles.
Remove ends and lightly scrape snake gourd.
Chop snake gourd into 2 – 3 inch long pieces and remove any seeds inside.
Bring to boil few cups of water in a sauce pot, add moong dal.
Boil until moong dal is just cooked or until 25 – 30 minutes and strain the cooked moong dal.

Grind the green chillies into paste.
Grind the cooked moong dal coarsely.
In a mixing bowl, mix together ground moong dal, scraped coconut, green chilli paste, red chile powder and salt into soft mixture adding little water. Taste and adjust any seasonings required.
Stuff each snake gourd piece with the above prepared moong dal stuffing and keep aside.

Heat oil in a non stick pan, add all talimpu ingredients in order.
When mustard seeds start spluttering, slowly place stuffed snake gourd pieces.
Cook covered on low – medium flame for 10 – 15 minutes by turning the snake gourd pieces occasionally to avoid sticking to the bottom of the pan. Uncover and fry for a minute to let snake gourd turn golden on outside.
Serve moong dal stuffed snake gourd hot with steamed rice and dollop of ghee.
Notes: Make sure not to cook the snake gourd on high flame.

Suggestions: If snake gourd feels little raw, put them back on heat, sprinkle little water and cook covered on low flame till soft.
Variations: Grind red chillies along with moong dal instead of the green chillies. Check also Besan Stuffed Snake Gourd.
Other Names: Split mung dal stuffed serpent gourd.