Stuffed Indian Eggplants

23 Jun

Podi Karam Tho Gutti Vankaya.

Indian Eggplants are most commonly used as a stuffing vegetable. Gutti vanakaya kura is quite famous in Andra. There are tens of recipes for stuffing eggplants but this is the basic and most common of them all. Some dals are roasted and ground together with other spices and stuffed into the eggplants. The eggplants can be partially cooked by deep frying first to reduce cooking time.  Or can be stuffed raw and cooked on low flame till done.
Makes: 5 Gutti Vanakaya


Indian Eggplants 5
Asafoetida a pinch
Turmeric Powder a pinch
Oil as required
Salt to taste


Chana Dal 1 tbsp
Urad Dal 1 tbsp
Coriander Seeds 1/2 tbsp
Fenugreek Seeds a small pinch
Whole Red Chillies 3 – 5

Method of preparation:

Heat a tsp of oil in a pan, roast all stuffing ingredients separately until aromatic or until golden brown.
Cool and grind all the roasted ingredients into fine powder along with turmeric powder, asafoetida and salt.
Add a tbsp of oil to the ground masala powder and mix thoroughly.

Wash thoroughly and pat dry eggplants.
Remove stems if you prefer and slit twice vertically keeping one end intact.

Heat a tbsp of oil in a pan, add the eggplants and cook covered turning occasionally till they soften a little.
Alternatively, deep fry the eggplants in medium hot oil for around half a minute.
Remove the softened eggplants from the pan, stuff each of them with the prepared masala stuffing.

Heat half a tsp of oil in a heavy bottomed pan, arrange the stuffed eggplants.
Fry the eggplants till they cook from inside and stuffing gets crisped.
Serve stuffed Indian eggplants with plain steamed rice and dollop of ghee.
Notes: Make sure eggplants are soft and cooked from inside before removing from the pan.

Suggestions: If the insides of eggplant tastes raw, put back in the pan, sprinkle a tbsp of water and cook covered on medium flame till done.
Variations: Stuffing varies according to taste. You can also grind tamarind and garlic pods along with other stuffing ingredients.
Other Names: Bharwan Baingan, Gutti Vankaya Kura, Spices Stuffed Brinjal, Stuffed Baby Eggplant.


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