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Black Sesame Seeds Ladoo

3 Apr

Nalla Nuvvulu Unda

Sesame Seeds are extensively manufactured especially in Andhra Pradesh. Since sesame seeds are abundantly produced, it is used in andhra cusine in innumerable ways. Sesame seeds ladoo is one among them. Sesame seeds laddoo is prepared by pounding sesame seeds and black jaggery (product made of palm juice) together and rolling the mixture into small balls. The oil in sesame seeds helps in binding the ladoo along with soft jaggery (methani bellam made of sugarcane juice). The sesame seeds ladoo is highly rich in iron and other minerals (copper, manganese, calcium) along with vitamins (B1, E).
Makes: 13 – 16 black sesame seeds ladoo


Black Sesame Seeds 1 cup
White Sesame Seeds 1/2 cup
Palm Jaggery / Nalla Bellam / Thati Bellam (pounded) 3/4 cup
Sugarcane Jaggery (grated) 1/4 cup
Cardamom 4

Method of preparation:

Heat a pan on medium – low heat, sprinkle a tbsp of water.
Add and roast black and white sesame seeds separately for 1 – 2 minutes.
Cool and grind the roasted black sesame and white sesame seeds into fine powder using a spice blender.

Mash thoroughly black jaggery and sugarcane jaggery with cardamom using a pestle.
Alternatively, use a spice blender to do the job.
Discard the cardamom skin and stir in sesame seeds powder.
Grind all the mashed ingredients together for few seconds.
Remove onto a plate and roll the ground jaggery sesame seeds mixture into small lemon sized balls.
Store tight and black sesame seeds ladoo stay fresh for months.
Serve black sesame seeds ladoo with tea or with coffee or as a mid day snack.
Notes: Make sure to select a soft jaggery which aids in binding the ladoos.

Suggestions: Laddu is breaking – jaggery might be too dry to bind the sesame laddu. Try adding some warm clarified butter (ghee) to the mixture and bind the laddu.
Variations: Chimili / Chimmiri which is made only with white sesame seeds.
Other Names: Chimmiri, Chimili, Nall Nuvvula Vunda, Nalla Noopappu Vunda, Ellu Vunda, Tila Laddoo, Til Laddu.