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Dum Gobi

18 Mar

Cauliflower in Gram Flour Sauce


Cauliflower 1
Besan / Gram Flour 3 tbsps
Onion 1
Ginger 1 inch piece
Green Chiles 2
Garam Masala 1 tsp
Red Chile Powder 1 tsp
Cumin Seeds 1 tsp
Yogurt 1 cup
Cashews 3
Turmeric Powder a big pinch
Lemon Juice 1 tbsp
Oil 1 tbsp
Salt to taste

Method of preparation:

Remove hard stem, break cauliflower into big florets and wash them under water thoroughly.
Peel and finely chop onion.
Remove stems, wash and slice the green chiles.
Peel and mince ginger.
Chop cashew nuts into small bits.

Bring to boil 2 cups of water, add cauliflower florets, lemon juice, turmeric powder and salt.
Boil for 2 – 4 minutes or until cauliflower becomes soft but not mushy.
Strain the cooked cauliflower and reserve for later use.

Heat oil in a non stick pan on medium flame, add cumin seeds and onion.
Once onion turns translucent, add green chiles, ginger and besan.
Fry until besan changes to golden brown or until the raw smell of besan has gone.
Stir in yogurt, red chile powder, garam masala powder and salt.
Add half a cup of water to besan mixture if the sauce seems too thick.
Boil and remove from heat.

In a baking bowl, add cooked cauliflower florets.
Pour the besan sauce on top of the cauliflower florets and cover.
Bake the dish for 5 minutes and garnish with chopped cashews.
Serve dum gobi with steamed rice or roti.

Notes: Alternatively, fry the boiled cauliflower florets in little bit of oil before pouring the sauce.