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Caramelized Puri

13 Dec

Pakam Pattina Poorilu


Plain Flour / Maida 1 cup
Salt a pinch
Oil for deep frying
Sugar 1 cup
Poppy Seeds 4 tbsps
Dry Coconut (grated) 2 tbsps
Almonds or Pistachios 5 – 8
Ghee 1 tsp

Method of preparation:

In a spice grinder, add almonds, poppy seeds and dry coconut.
Pulse all the ingredients a few times and remove onto a bowl.
Heat ghee in small pan, add coarsely ground almonds, poppy seeds and dry coconut.
Roast them for a minute and reserve for garnish.

Knead plain flour and salt into tight dough using enough water.
Take lime sized balls out of the dough and roll each of them into 6 – 8 inch diameter circles.

Heat oil in a deep frying pan on medium high heat.
Slowly drop each rolled out puri into hot oil separately and fry briefly on both sides until it changes color.
Remove onto absorbent paper.

Bring a cup of water to boil, add sugar and let the mixture thicken a little.
Dip each fried puri into hot sugar mixture, fold it once and remove onto a plate.
Spread a tsp of the fried almond mixture inside each fold.
Repeat the same with remaining fried puris. Pour any left over sugar syrup on top of puris.
Garnish with crushed almonds or pistachios and serve hot or cold.

Notes: Don’t boil the sugar syrup for too long.