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Papad Flour

9 Feb

Appadala Pindi


Moong Dal 1 kg
Urad Dal 1 1/4 kg
Very Hot Dried Chiles/ Seema Mirapakaya 25 gms
Asafoetida a big pinch
Oil 1 tbsp
Salt to taste

Method of preparation:

Use a grain mill to grind moong dal, urad dal and red chiles into fine powder.
Better to spread the dals under sun for easy grinding.
Store the powder tight in a container for further use.

Take 1 cup of powder into a mixing bowl.
Add asafoetida and salt and mix into a tight dough using minimum water.
At end add the oil and roll into small balls.
Serve with hot rice and ghee.
The dough/ appadala pindi keeps in refrigerator for few days.

Notes: Papad, is made with this dough, which is rolled into flat circles and dried under sun.