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Sweet Boondi

1 Jan

Teepi Boondi


Besan/ Senagapindi 2 cups
Water 1 -1 1/4 cup
Soda-bi-carb a small pinch
Sugar 2 cups
Water 3-3 1/2 cups

Method of preparation:

In a bowl, mix besan, soda-bi-carb and water together into smooth batter without any lumps.

Heat oil in a wok on medium high heat.
Use a perforated spoon to shield the oil.
Pour the batter onto the perforated spoon one spoon at a time.
Make sure to tap the perforated spoon to let the batter fall through the holes.
Stop when the wok is filled with boondi, let them turn little crisp.
Remove the boondi onto absorbent paper before they turn brown with the help of a skimmer.
Repeat the process until all the besan batter is finished.

Prepare the sugar syrup by boiling sugar and water on high flame for about 5-10 minutes.
The syrup is done when its thick but flowing without obtaining any color.
Drop all the boondi into the syrup and let it soak for half a day.

Notes: Make sure besan batter is on thicker side rather than on thinner side.