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Chana Paratha

10 Dec

Senagapappu kurina godhuma rottelu


Wheat Flour 4 cups
Chana Dal 1/4 cup
Black Pepper 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil as required

Method of preparation:

Knead wheat flour into somewhat tight dough with few pinches of salt and enough water.
Keep the dough covered with wet kitchen towel for half an hour.

In a pot, cook chana dal with just enough water to cover the dal.
Dal should be just cooked and able to hold its shape.
Drain the excess water and pat dry the cooked chana dal.
Using mortar and pestle, mash chana dal, black pepper and salt together into fine powder.
Alternatively, use a spice blender to grind everything together.

Take lemon sized portion of wheat dough and stuff about a tsp of above chana dal mixture and roll into thick paratha.
Repeat the same with remaining wheat dough.

Heat a flat griddle on medium heat, add tsp of oil and spread all over the griddle.
Place the paratha on hot griddle and let it turn golden.
Add tsp of oil on uncooked side and turn it over to cook that side.
Repeat the same with remaining parathas.
Serve hot chana parathas with raita.

Notes: You can make even thicker parathas if you wish.