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Onion Stuffed Bitter gourd

31 Aug

Kakarakaya Ullipaya Karam


Bitter gourd 3
Whole red chillies 5-7
Red Onion 1
Salt to taste
Oil 3 tbsps

Method of preparation:

Chop onions finely and grind red chillies into coarse paste with little bit of water.
Wash, remove ends and make a slit in the stomach of each bitter gourd.
Deseed, rub salt over and inside and leave bitter gourd aside for one hour.

Wash thoroughly each bitter gourd and cook covered in a vessel having water, little bit of yogurt and turmeric powder until tender.

With mortar and pestle, mash chopped onions, ground red chillies and salt lightly.
Stuff this onion red chilli mixture into each bitter gourd.

Heat oil in a pan on medium-low heat and add stuffed bitter gourd.
Leave on one side until it turns brown, turn on other side for 5 more minutes.
When each bitter gourd is perfectly done, remove and serve with rice.

Notes: Onion red chilli paste should be coarse. Make sure bitter gourd is well cooked before stuffing with the mixture.