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Sun Dried Chilli with Ajwain

22 Aug

Vamkaram/ Vaamu Karam


Japanese/ mexican/ california chilli or chiles that are about medium-hot 2 kgs
Ajwain/ Vaamu/ Carom seeds 250 gms
Salt 250gms

Method of preparation:

Wash, remove stems and pat dry chiles.
Using large mortar and pestle, gently pound chillies, carom seeds and salt.
Stop until the green chillies transform to about 1-2 inch sized fragments.
Remove and dry the mixture under direct sunlight until dry and crisp (abt. 10 days on medium hot sun).
Store tight and deep fry until golden brown when needed.
Mix with plain white rice and serve.

Notes: A quick fix for those spicy souls if you have this in hand.