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Fritters with Skins of Split Black Lentils

14 Aug

Pottu Vadiyalu


Black urad dal split 2 cups
Green Chillies 2
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying

Method of preparation:

Soak black urad dal in water for 12 hours in a wide vessel.
The black skin seperates from the white urad dal.

In the wide vessel having soaked urad dal, let the skins float by giving the water a circular motion with back of hand.
Remove most of the black skins and give it a quick squeeze.

Remove stems, wash and mash green chillies coarsely.

Grind 1/2 cup of soaked white urad dal into thick paste using little water.
Mix the urad dal paste, the squeezed black skins, mashed green chillies and salt together.
Form small circles of the mixture on a plate/plastic paper.
Let them dry under sunlight for 2-4 days.
Store tight and deep fry when needed and mix with white rice and ghee.

Notes: Fry on medium high heat. Don’t let them turn black.